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DDLTS offers a wide range of cope sessions to help local educators harness the potential of technology for distance and online learning.

CoPE 2021-22

Schools can choose from the below CoPE Sessions. You can also request a CoPE session tailor-made for your school’s needs.

Open Educational Resources – OER

This Professional Development session will help educators understand what Open Educational Resources (OER) are and how these can be incorporated into the teaching practice. Educators will be provided with practical guidance on how to locate openly available resources and make proper use of them. By the end of this session educators will be able to:

– Describe the meaning of OER

– Locate OERs using different search tools

– Understand concepts like open licensing, public domain and copyright

– Distinguish the different types of Creative Commons licenses

– Properly attribute a digital artefact with a Creative Commons Licence

Digital Citizenship in Education – DCE

This session will introduce the concept of Digital Citizenship Education to educators, highlighting the need for schools to address this concept both as a whole-school approach and in the classroom context. Educators will be provided with an opportunity to reflect on their own current practices and how they can help their students and the extended school community to become responsible and effective digital citizens who participate actively in the digital world.  By the end of this session, educators will:

– Understand what Digital Citizenship Education entails

– Understand the importance of teaching students about Digital Citizenship

– Recognize the need to become a role model for students

– Be able to empower students to think critically and participate responsibly in the digital world

Digital Content Creation by Learners

During this session educators will be initially familiarised with various digital tools which offer learners various opportunities to express their creativity in a multimodal manner, namely to create digital stories (Book Creator Y1-3, StoryJumper Y4-6) , digital videos (Animoto y1-3, Scoompa Video Y4-6), digital animations (ABCya Animate y1-3, Animator y4-6), digital presentations (Sway Y1-3), and digital posters (Pic Collage Y4-6). Educators will then engage in group work and will be assigned a common theme and asked to explore a particular digital tool to express their ideas about the assigned theme. Finally, each group will present their digital creation to the group and offer each other feedback. Participants will be invited to reflect how different digital tools may cater for different learning needs and learning styles in their classrooms to help promote personalised learning. By the end of this session, educators will:

– Familiarise with various digital tools which offer learners various opportunities to express their creativity in a multimodal manner

– Create digital stories. digital videos, digital animations and digital posters

– Work in groups on a common theme to explore a digital tool

– Present their digital creation to the other educators and give feedback about the work carried outl tool

– Reflect how different digital tools may cater for different learning needs and styles to promote personalised learning

Using Technologies for Communication and Collaboration among Educators

The session will focus on digital tools that promotes communication and collaboration. It will be a hands on session with various tasks on different tools and the participants will rotate from one session to the other. By the end of the session they will have been exposed to all the digital tools proposed.

Digital tools for Communication and Collaborartion: MS Tools including Microsoft Online Word, Excel and PowerPoint, wiki within MS Teams, MS Sway & MS Forms.

By the end of this session, educators will:

– learn how to become positive contributors to their digital school community

– develop skills to create increasingly refined documents and presentations

– enhance their teaching and learning skills while using technology-rich settings

– learn how to collaborate in a team rather than being single educators


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