One Tablet Per Child scheme

Established to ensure that all children are given a fair and equal opportunity for access to technology.

All students in state and church schools in Years 4 – 6 have access to a tablet as a learning tool to help achieve educational outcomes.

Teacher Training

Get started with our introductory OTPC training and further your education by enrolling in one of our programs.

Application for training for new teachers and LSEs in Years 4 – 6. Download the approval form to include in your application.

A selection of programmes which teachers can opt to take throughout the year with the assistance of DDLTS HODs and support teachers.

A booklet containing apps which students and teachers can make use of on the OTPC Learnpad.

Quick guides for managing lessons and creating content in ClassConnect.

A series of video tutorials about using ClassConnect, Learnpad tools, web 2.0 tools and apps.