Empowering learners to succeed as global digital citizens

About us

The Primary Digital Literacy Support Team within the Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills aims to provide support and expertise to primary Maltese schools in digital education.

We are driven by our mission to equip all local learners in becoming active digital citizens by the end of their obligatory schooling. We are dedicated in assisting schools by working with educators, learners and parents to support the acquisition of digital literacy competencies and assist in the transformation of teaching and learning through the use of technology.  


Our main aims for the current scholastic year are:

Focus on educators’ digital competence, with special focus on the successful delivery of DL learning outcomes by class teacher.

Provision of central support training focusing on professional development and online courses.

Identify existing online courses that address schools’ and educators’ needs. Develop and deliver courses to upskill educators and expand their digital competencies.

Continuation of Digital Literacy Educators’ Programmes.

Provision of pedagogical resources.

Inclusion of digital literacy in School Development Plans – technology as an enabler of learning and to meet students’ Digital Literacy entitlement.

Help schools participate in international initiatives such as eTwinning, Eu Code Week, eSafety Label and Internet Safety Day.